Aftermarket Parts Distribution and Management Products


DMS offers a complete package of Parts Distribution software applications and services. Specializing in Aftermarket Parts Distribution and Manufacture.
Designed by Auto Parts Distribution & Technology pros to help Warehouse Distributors and Parts stores achieve greater operational efficiency & drive more profit to the bottom line.  DMS field-proven parts distribution and inventory management software enable Distributors and Auto Parts Stores to efficiently manage mission-critical operations for multiple sales locations including Order Entry, Inventory, Delivery Tracking, Business Intelligence & Financial Management functions. In addition to On-Premise & On-Demand Hosted (cloud) applications, DMS develops & manages custom B-2-B & B-2-C e-Commerce Websites for its Auto Parts Stores, Distributors & their customers. DMS is an IBM Premier Business Partner for iSeries servers & software.
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Our DX+ System Software Applications

DX+ Buyers-Center
DX+ Buyers-Center provides Purchasing Agents & Management a centralized dashboard interface for measuring, understanding & managing your company's largest asset - your Inventory. Buyers-Center includes all Purchasing, Order Management, VIO statistics, Returns Management & EDI Reporting functions in one simple user interface.
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DX+ Command Center™
DX+ Command Center instantly shows you how your business is operating & gives you the necessary information to make course corrections that will keep your business running smoothly. Starting with the Command Center Dashboard Home Page, you can begin drilling down to find the information you need – fast! - from either the Operations or Financials Dashboards with a single click.

The DX+ Command Center Operations Dashboard goes beyond just an information tool. It will give you a complete understanding of your business sales, customers, vendors, inventory & employees in less time than ever before possible!

The Financials Dashboard lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your business by providing critical Customer Receivables, Cash & Invoicing and Vendor Accounts Payable data that affects not only Cash Flow but also your P&L and Balance Sheet, the ultimate proof of your business’ success!
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DX+ Command Center Mobile
Now you can take your Command-Center with you!  Always be in touch with your business' performance no matter where you travel with DX+ Command-Center Mobile! DX+ Command-Center Mobile works with most popular smartphones including the Apple iPhone, Blackberry & many browser-based tablets.
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DX+ CRM gives you instant access to all important performance metrics & information about your customers in just a few clicks! Just enter either a customer number or customer name in the Customer Search field, click Search and you are presented with a single screen summary that includes:

  • Customer Contact Information
  • Receivables Aging with drill-down capability to dive even deeper into the invoices that make up their receivables
  • Credit Limit Information
  • Account salesman
  • Customer Rank within your total customers
  • Date Account Created
  • Maximum Amount Owed in Dollars & by Date
  • Last Payment Amount & Date
  • Average Monthly Net Sales
  • A Dynamic Customer Sales & Returns Graph with drill-down capability
  • Notes - The ability to add multiple notes for each customer.
  • Credits - See all credits issued to the customer.
  • Purchases - View all purchases made by each customer

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DX+ Document-Center™
The DMS DX+ Document Center is a “Dashboard” for “100% Paperless” Management of Customer & Supplier Invoices, Statements & Purchase Order documents.  DX+ Document-Center Features:

  • Create PDFs of Laser-generated Customer Invoices, Statements & Supplier Purchase Orders that are automatically created by the Document-Center application.
  • Storage - Documents are digitally archived and searchable by Year for any Customer or Supplier that will help eliminate the “paper chase” in your business.
  • Email* any document instantly to your Customers or Suppliers. Customers & Suppliers get their emailed original documents instantly and you’ll save time and significant money over mailing or faxing your documents the “traditional” way.
  • Reprint any Customer Invoice, Statement or Supplier Purchase Order instantly!
  • Self-Service - Qwik-Order B-2-B customers can easily retrieve copies of their Invoices or Statements directly from the Qwik-Order Billing Status page without calling your staff for assistance.

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DX+ Ops-Center
The DMS DX+ Warehouse Operations Center is a Dashboard that displays the status of every warehouse order picking & shipping status currently in process. It is updated constantly by new information from the DMS DX+ System. The DX+ Ops-Center also tracks incoming Vendor Purchase Orders & displays PO ETA’s to assist the warehouse manager in better managing receiving functions for the warehouse.
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DX+ Qwik-Track Delivery & Signature Capture
This DX+ Dashboard process starts when an order is completed from counter sales, call center sales staff or from DMS’ e-Commerce Qwik-Order customers.

After the order is dispatched from the warehouse for delivery, the barcode on the invoice is scanned by the driver with a smartphone device. The DX+ Qwik-Track server updates the information immediately, enters the date & time and shows the order is out for delivery on the Qwik-Track Admin Dashboard.

When the order is delivered at the customer site, the customer signs the signature pad on the smartphone similar to a UPS delivery driver. This signature and date-time stamp will become the legal proof of delivery and the signature is immediately uploaded to the DX+ Document Center and automatically attached to the original PDF electronic copy of the invoice.

As the customer signs the smartphone signature pad, the date & time are recorded as part of the signature capture. The DX+ Qwik-Track Dashboard is then updated in real-time with the date & time delivered & captures both driver delivery metrics & customer order statistics for review by management.
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DX+ Qwik-Link
DX+ Qwik-Link is a Vendor (WD version) or a Customer (Manufacturer version) EDI Dashboard for real-time PO, ASN & Invoices management through G-Commerce and Corcentric partners.  DX+ Qwik-Link provides major cost-saving benefits to a WD / Manufacturer’s back-end administrative functions.  DX+ Qwik-Link saves substantial labor costs & provides more accurate & integrated accounting capabilities for DMS customers.
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DX+ Sales Link™
DX+ Sales-Link, part of the DX+ suite of high-performance warehouse management applications, is a Web-based Salesman’s Dashboard. This application module is a web-service that provides a Salesman real-time access to customer CRM information & account analysis while on-site at the customer location using an iPad, tablet or laptop. Real-time data from the DMS DX+ System provides individual customer / management features to each Salesman as well as sales documents & call reports.  
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DX+ Store-Center™
DX+ Store-Center is a special Business Intelligence Dashboard designed specifically for Store and Branch Warehouse Managers that provides them with a real-time information tool for managing their business location.  The easy-to-use Store-Center Dashboard aggregates all of DMS’ DX+ Applications and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in one simple-to- use drill-down Graphical Dashboard.  Learn More>>

DX+ Qwik-Cat
The DX+ Qwik-Cat Catalog is an easy-to-use & extensive Auto Parts and Light / Medium Truck Parts Cataloging application that features an Industry-leading Graphical User Interface that works with all major Internet browsers.  DX+ Qwik-Cat offers a WD or Manufacturer a choice of ACES catalog databases that vary in price & line coverage according to the WD’s business model and customer base(s). Catalog databases featured include WHI, The Group ACES (Federated & Pronto), ShowMeTheParts, ACDelco Illustrated, Opticat and the DMS Custom 10-level drill-down database.
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DX+ Qwik-Clock
The DMS DX+ Qwik-Clock is a secure & cost-effective application that will reduce payroll preparation time by eliminating errors resulting from manual time sheet or time card calculations.  Employees clock in / out via a System terminal or attached badge reader & may interactively correspond with the appropriate supervisor. All entries are subject to user-defined rounding & overtime criteria.  Assigned work schedules can be enforced so as to prevent early punch-ins and late punch-outs for all or specific employees. Override schedules can be input in advance for approved overtime.  Authorized supervisors have access to employee time card records in order to make corrections, additions, etc. prior to final approval & a complete audit trail is maintained.  
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DX+ Qwik-Order
DX+ Qwik-Order is a Web-based B-2-B Parts Portal customized for DMS customers as a hosted, fully back-end integrated e-Commerce service that provides your customers with a 24 x 7 real-time ordering, cataloging & customer service solution.  DX+ Qwik-Order provides the lowest cost of order processing available today and accounts for a significant portion of a DMS customer’s sales volume when deployed.
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DX+ Qwik-Pay™
DX+ Qwik-Pay is an Integrated Credit / Debit Card service via an Internet interface for POS, Call Center, Accounts Receivable & Qwik-Order e-Commerce applications and features these great benefits:

  • PCI compliant encryption for all Credit & Debit Card transactions
  • Signature capture for POS invoices and Document Center storage
  • Supports all major Credit Cards
  • Supports Debit Cards with Pin Pad feature
  • Competitive processing fees equal to or better than your existing rates
  • Eliminates dedicated phone line costs with seamless Internet connection from DMS
  • Secure storage of Credit Cards with encrypted token technology (xxxxxxxx1234)
  • Allows unlimited storage of encrypted Credit Cards per customer  

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DX+ Qwik-Scan
DX+ Qwik-Scan is a state-of-the-art RF wireless Warehouse Management System (WMS) and is designed to work seamlessly with Zebra scanning & networking equipment.  DX+ Qwik-Scan is offered in two (2) distinct versions:  Single Zone Picking / Inventory Management & DX+ Qwik-Scan Plus for Multi-Zone Picking / Inventory Management at larger accounts and both versions offer optional Cross-Dock Scanning to support receipts & shipping of consolidated orders across multiple locations. Both DX+ Qwik-Scan applications have these four main basic functions with DX+ Qwik-Scan Plus offering additional picking & put-away functions.

Qwik-Ship – Provides a paperless method to create electronic Pick Tickets to pick & ship orders faster and more accurately, resulting in reduced labor costs & increased profits. Warehouse personnel equipped with wireless hand-held RF barcode scanners display orders & scan items to maximize picking and pricing productivity & accuracy.

Qwik-Receive – Provides a paperless method to process, Receive & Put-Away products from incoming Vendor Shipments and RMA Customer Returns. Warehouse personnel equipped with wireless hand-held RF barcode scanners receive incoming Purchase Orders & process customer returns on a “real-time” basis, thus eliminating accuracy & timing issues in updating inventories available for sale to customers.

Qwik-Count – Provides a paperless method to conduct quick Physical Inventory & Cycle Counts of warehouse inventory. Warehouse personnel equipped with wireless hand-held RF code scanners can quickly & accurately conduct physical inventory counts to improve inventory accuracy, financial accountability & inventory management analysis of a Distributor’s inventory investment.  

Qwik-Label – Provides an easy method to create custom-printed barcode labels for products, shelf-labels & shipping packages with specialized Zebra thermal printers.  
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DX+ Hub & Spoke Manager
DX+ Hub & Spoke Manager is a daily Automated Replenishment & Stock Balancing application across all store locations (spokes) from the warehouse (Hub) that also manages Core & Warranty returns going back to the warehouse Hub.  
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DX+ Qwik-Ship
DX+ Qwik-Ship offers Multi-Carrier Automated Shipping Interfaces for shipping’s most popular carriers – UPS, FedEx & USPS.  DX+ Qwik-Ship increases warehouse shipping productivity, reduces personnel costs for shipping & enhances customer satisfaction with self-serve order tracking features.  
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