Document Management

DMS Document Center™ is a System repository “Dashboard” for all Customer & Supplier documents and provides a “100% Paperless” management of Customer and Supplier Laser Form documents.


Document Center Features

  • Create PDFs of Laser-generated Customer Invoices and Statements and Supplier Purchase Orders & Invoices that are automatically created by the Document-Center application.
  • Storage - Documents are digitally archived and searchable by Year for any Customer or Supplier and that will help eliminate the “paper chase” in your business.
  • Email* any document instantly to your Customers or Suppliers. Customers and Suppliers get their e-mailed original documents instantly and you’ll save time and significant money over mailing or faxing your documents the “traditional” way.
  • Reprint any Customer Invoice, Statement or Supplier Purchase Order instantly!
  • Self-Service - Qwik-Order customers can retrieve copies of their Invoices or Statements directly from the Qwik-Order Billing Status page.
  • DX Orders - access to real-time Order Entry for immediate placement of orders
  • Customers – access to all assigned Customers with their purchases, credits, payments & account analysis
  • Product Sales – access to consolidated Customer purchases by Vendor & category
  • Sales Budget - access to monthly and YTD analysis of individual sales plan
  • No Sales - access by Customer of non-purchased product categories
  • Qwik-Order – access to your Corporate e-Commerce website for training of customer
  • Documents – access to Corporate documents – Credit App, Promotions, Policies, etc.

DMS Qwik-Track™ Delivery Tracking & Signature Capture module is a browser-based service that tracks by driver the status of every customer order dispatched from the Warehouse or store to a Customer. Refreshed constantly by updates from delivery drivers’ Smartphones (Apple & Android) or tablets (iPad or Android) in real-time, the receiving customer employee’s signature image is instantly transmitted and attached to customer invoices in the DX Document-Center application.

A GPS Tracking Portal is an add-on option for this application.  As a cloud-based Application, any authorized user through their DX-Portal can access both Qwik-Track and GPS/GEO applications 24 x 7.

  • Web-based Delivery Service with GPS option that can be accessed 24 x 7
  • Supports Smart Phones for order scanning & signature capture
  • Smart-Phones support real-time tracking of drivers & deliveries
  • Customers can track their orders through our B-2-B Qwik-Order link
  • Measurement of driver performance, average delivery times & order values

Qwik-Track - How it works
When the order is dispatched for delivery, the bar code on the invoice is scanned by the driver with a Smart-Phone device. The DX+ Delivery Tracking server updates the information immediately, enters the date and time, and shows that the order is out for delivery on the Qwik-Track Admin Status Screen.

When the order is delivered, the customer signs on the electronic signature pad on the Smart-Phone, similar to a UPS delivery driver. This signature and date-time stamp becomes the legal proof of delivery and the signature will be automatically uploaded to the DMS Document Center and automatically attached to the original PDF electronic copy of the invoice. The Qwik-Track Dashboard is then updated with the date and time "Delivered" and is available in the Order History section of the Dashboard.

  • Respond instantly to a customer's inquiry about the status of a delivery - If a customer calls asking about a delivery, the information will be instantly available on the Qwik-Track Admin display.  Customers can track their orders in “real-time” from the Qwik-Order B-2-B application. This can significantly reduce incoming calls from anxious customers to check their order status!
  • Measure driver performance - How long does it take a driver to make a given number of deliveries?  Who are the 'A' drivers, the 'B' drivers, and the 'C' drivers?
  • Qwik-Track provides delivery statistics on a driver-by-driver basis and integrates to the DMS Command Center Productivity Dashboard.
  • Shows average delivery time & order value per customer - If a customer complains about late deliveries, you will have data to prove the timeliness of your deliveries.  You will also have the average order value statistics to analyze the delivery costs associated with a particular customer.  Qwik-Track provides average monthly delivery times on a customer-by-customer basis.

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