Engine Parts Mfg. Moves to DMS DX+ Cloud System


Precision Engine parts, a prominent Engine Parts Manufacturer in Las Vegas, NV, modernize their business operation by installing DMS “DX+” Warehouse System.

Ron Bernstein, President of Precision Engine Parts, an international Engine Parts Supplier, located in Las Vegas, NV, recently announced that they are moving all of their IT operations to DMS’ DX+ Cloud-based Warehouse Management System. According to Ray Dunn, Purchasing Manager, “We are excited to be working with DMS to help us implement new leading-edge Cloud technologies that will help us grow our business and increase our productivity & profitability.”

Successfully supplying WD accounts throughout the US and International markets since 1973, Precision Engine Parts anticipates achieving even greater success with their DMS integrated suite of DX+ applications. In addition to introducing Qwik-Link EDI, a real-time EDI process for accepting orders and sending ASN’s and Invoices to their customers, they are particularly excited about using DMS’ Qwik-Order B2B e-Commerce application to service their customers on a 24 x 7 basis while increasing accuracy and efficiency in their back-office operations.

“We are excited that Precision Engine Parts has chosen to partner with DMS Systems to upgrade their older IT Systems in order to achieve greater operating efficiencies and cost-savings for their growing business,” remarked DMS President, Grady Davis.

“As their Business Technology Partner, we will be working closely with them to help them achieve greater inventory turns and higher employee productivity while decreasing operational costs, thus offering Precision Engine Parts a significant competitive advantage in the Engine Parts marketplace.”

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