Real-Time Business Intelligence for Distribution and Manufacturing Industries

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There’s an old saying ...“You can’t MANAGE what you can’t MEASURE.” Do you find yourself in the position of trying to manage your business and compete against more technologically advanced and well-funded national chains?  Is your current Business System more than 5 years old or older? Then you may be “between a rock and a hard place” concerning the profitable survival of your business!

The DMS Sales Dashboard - Business IntelligenceReal-time Business Intelligence (BI) is the modern business tool you need to better understand your business and compete more successfully in today’s marketplace!

DMS Systems Corp. has engineered a “suite” of real-time Business Intelligence Dashboards to give you and your management team the “up-to-the-minute” information they need to compete against the larger and more high-tech chains in your marketplace.

Each BI Dashboard will give you instant access to your KPI’s through easy-to-understand charts, graphs and tables that will help you better understand your business in far less time than trying to crunch numbers in an Excel spreadsheet.

DMS Business Intelligence Suite Features:

  • Executive Management - Command-Center™ – Consolidated Operations & Financials across all locations for key management staff
  • Financial Management - Command-Center™ for Cash, Account Receivable, Accounts Payable & General Ledger with comparative data
  • Sales Management - Command-Center for locations & inside / outside sales reps
  • Sales-Link™ (iPad & tablets for outside sales representatives) with real-time CRM & Reporting
  • DX-CRM™ Customers with current, YTD and comparative data, purchases & credits
  • Warehouse Management - DX Op-Center™ for real-time Shipping & Receiving Status
  • Command-Center - Employee Productivity for Warehouse Pickers / Receivers, Inside & Outside Salesmen & Delivery drivers
  • Inventory Management - Buyers-Center™ with real-time Buyers Guide, Inventory Analytics & VIO (Vehicles in Operation) by State & County
  • Qwik-Link™ showing real-time Supplier EDI for PO’s, ASN & Invoices
  • Store Management - Store-Center™ with Sales, Employee Productivity, Customers / CRM, Inventory Performance plus Delivery Tracking for each Store Manager

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