DX+ Document-Center

DMS DX+ Document Center™ is a “Dashboard” for “100% Paperless” Management of Customer & Supplier Invoices, Statements & Purchase Order documents.

Document-Center Features:

  • Create PDFs of Laser-generated Customer Invoices, Statements & Supplier Purchase Orders that are automatically created by the DX+ Document-Center application.
  • Storage - Documents are digitally archived & searchable by Year for any Customer or Supplier that will help eliminate the “paper chase” in your business.
  • Email* any document instantly to your Customers or Suppliers. Customers & Suppliers get their emailed original documents instantly & you’ll save time and significant money over mailing or faxing your documents the “traditional” way.
  • Reprint any Customer Invoice, Statement or Supplier Purchase Order instantly!
  • Self-Service - DX+ Qwik-Order B-2-B customers can easily retrieve copies of their Invoices or Statements directly from the DX+ Qwik-Order Billing Status page without calling your staff for assistance.



100% Paperless Management of Customer and Supplier documents

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