DX+ Qwik-Pay

DX+ Qwik-Pay™ is an Integrated Credit / Debit Card service via an Internet interface for POS, Call Center, Accounts Receivable & DX+ Qwik-Order e-Commerce applications & features these great benefits:

  • PCI compliant encryption for all Credit & Debit Card transactions
  • Signature capture for POS invoices & Document Center storage
  • Supports all major Credit Cards
  • Supports Debit Cards with Pin Pad feature
  • Competitive processing fees equal to or better than your existing rates
  • Eliminates dedicated phone line costs with seamless Internet connection from DMS
  • Secure storage of Credit Cards with encrypted token technology (xxxxxxxx1234)
  • Allows unlimited storage of encrypted Credit Cards per customer



Integrate payment processing into your POS, Call Center or eCommerce application

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