DX+ Qwik-Scan

Wireless Warehouse Barcoding

DX+ Qwik-Scan is a state-of-the-art RF wireless Warehouse Management System (WMS) and is designed to work seamlessly with Zebra scanning & networking equipment.  DX+ Qwik-Scan is offered in two (2) distinct versions:  Single Zone Picking / Inventory Management & Qwik-Scan Plus for Multi-Zone Picking / Inventory Management at larger accounts. Both versions offer optional Cross-Dock Scanning to support receipts & shipping of consolidated orders across multiple locations. Both DX+ Qwik-Scan applications have these four (4) main basic functions with DX+ Qwik-Scan Plus offering additional picking & put-away functions:

  • DX+ Qwik-Ship - Provides a paperless method to create electronic Pick Tickets to pick and ship orders faster & more accurately, resulting in reduced labor costs & increased profits. Warehouse personnel equipped with wireless hand-held RF barcode scanners display orders & scan items to maximize picking and pricing productivity & accuracy.
  • DX+ Qwik-Receive - Provides a paperless method to Process, Receive & Put-Away products from incoming Vendor Shipments & RMA Customer Returns. Warehouse personnel equipped with wireless hand-held RF barcode scanners receive incoming Purchase Orders & process customer returns on a “real-time” basis, thus eliminating accuracy & timing issues in updating inventories available for sale to customers.
  • DX+ Qwik-Count - Provides a paperless method to conduct quick Physical Inventory and Cycle Counts of warehouse inventory. Warehouse personnel equipped with wireless hand-held RF code scanners can quickly & accurately conduct physical inventory counts to improve inventory accuracy, financial accountability & inventory management analysis of a Distributor’s inventory investment.
  • DX+ Qwik-Label - Provides an easy method to create custom-printed barcode labels for products, shelf-labels & shipping packages with specialized Zebra thermal printers.



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