The DMS DX+ CRM gives you instant access to all important performance metrics & information about your customers, in just a few clicks! Just enter either a customer number or customer name in the Customer Search field, click "Search" and you are presented with a single screen summary that includes:

DX+ CRM Screen Images

  • Customer Contact Information
  • Receivables Aging with "drill-down" capability to dive even deeper into the invoices that make up their receivables
  • Credit Limit Information
  • Account salesman
  • Customer Rank within your total customers
  • Date Account Created
  • Maximum Amount Owed in Dollars and by Date
  • Last Payment Amount & Date
  • Average Monthly Net Sales
  • A Dynamic Customer Sales & Returns Graph with drill-down capability
  • Notes - The ability to add multiple notes for each customer
  • Credits - See all credits issued to the customer
  • Purchases - View all purchases made by each customer

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Instant access to customer performance metrics and information in just a few clicks!

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