Inventory & Warehouse Management Software Solutions

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Purchasing & Forecasting

DMS Dynamic Inventory ManagementPurchase Forecasting, Purchasing, and Inventory Management tools are core strengths of the DX+ Warehouse Management Software System and have produced significant increases in customer service levels and ROI for DMS customers.  Our “dynamic” demand-based forecasting yields higher inventory turns while reducing overall inventory investment by using state-of-the-art analytics and optional VIO data.

The DMS Warehouse Management Software Purchasing Techniques are "dynamic" and designed to provide accurate and flexible methods of statistical forecasting needed to improve a company’s customer service levels and increase its inventory turns. The suggested stock level for each item is computed based on the total of:

  • Review Time
  • Lead Time
  • Safety Stock
  • Seasonality
  • Projected Usage

Traditional Min – Max order points are supported but do not produce ROI results as good as our Dynamic Forecasting methods for inventory and warehouse management. Our Warehouse Management Software Customers have a choice of using either method or establishing a Minimum quantity and allowing the System to calculate the Max quantity.

The objective is to maintain inventory levels sufficient to support upward sales trends during rising sales periods and minimize on-hand inventory levels during periods of decreasing sales demands. DMS Systems also provide On-Line Receiving that updates inventory for sale in real-time and creates a receiving report and interface to the DX+ Ops Center Dashboard, Accounts Payable and General Ledger Modules.

Multiple purchasing types supported:

  • Scheduled Replenishment Buying
  • On-Demand Replenishment Buying
  • Buy-Outs (Special Orders)
  • Seasonal Forecasting
  • “Super PO” Across Locations
  • Future POs with Lead-Time Adjustments
  • ETAs - Purchase Order ETA is tracked by Line Item.
  • On-Demand Replenishment Buying—Forecast quantity is refreshed based on the current on-order and on-hand position.
  • “Super PO” Across Locations—allows the user to combine sales history and inventory levels at two or more locations to generate a forecast for a single purchase order.
  • Future POs with Lead-Time Adjustments—determine the stocking level of items for a future date and adjust the lead time it takes to receive the items from the vendor.
  • Seasonal Items - These items are identified based on user-defined parameters.
  • Round-Up to Factory Pack Quantity - “Suggested buy” quantities may be automatically rounded-up to the supplier’s package quantity.
  • Quantity Break Purchasing - Unlimited quantity break levels may be established for purchasing based on price or factor.
  • Multiple Suppliers - An unlimited number of suppliers may be associated with each item. A unique item cost may be maintained for each supplier and the supplier’s item number may differ from the System item number.
  • Landed Cost Support - Up to five (5) additional supplementary costs, e.g., freight, import duty, may be captured and allocated at the time of receipt.
  • Future Demand - Projected demand by month based on weighting and trend analysis.
  • Forecasting History - 2 years plus YTD sales history for purchase forecasting—unlimited history can be maintained for reference purposes subject to disk storage capability.

Warehouse Management Software & RF Scanning

DMS’ two (2) Industry-leading Warehouse Management Software Qwik-Scan RF scanning modules optimize warehouse shipping, receiving, counting, and returns efficiencies for greater accuracy in material handling and maximizes employee productivity for this critical business operation.

Qwik-Scan (SZP) module supports customers that have only one stocking / picking zone management requirements and offers the popular features listed below:

  • Qwik-Ship – provides a paperless method to create electronic Pick Tickets to pick and ship orders faster and more accurately – resulting in reduced labor costs and increased profits. Warehouse personnel equipped with wireless hand-held RF barcode scanners display orders and scan items to maximize picking and pricing productivity and accuracy.
  • Qwik-Receive – provides a paperless method to process, Receive and Put-Away products from incoming Vendor Shipments and RMA Customer Returns. Warehouse personnel equipped with wireless hand-held RF barcode scanners receive incoming Purchase Orders and process customer returns on a “real-time” basis, thus eliminating accuracy and timing issues in updating inventories available for sale to customers.
  • Qwik-Count – provides a paperless method to conduct quick Physical Inventory and Cycle Counts of warehouse inventory. Warehouse personnel equipped with wireless-hand-held RF code scanners can quickly and accurately conduct physical inventory counts to improve inventory accuracy, financial accountability and inventory management analysis of a Distributor’s inventory investment.
  • Qwik-Label – provides an easy method to create custom printed barcode labels for products,-shelf-labels and shipping packages with specialized Zebra thermal printers and DMS label software.

Qwik-Scan PLUS+ Warehouse Management Software - our advanced RF “Wireless Warehouse Barcoding” module for Picking, Receiving, Physical Counting, Customer Returns, and Cross-Docking that supports Multi-Zone/Bin inventory management for larger Distribution Centers that require the following features:

  • Multiple Pick Processes:
    • Primary Bin pick with view of overstock bins for re-stocking purposes (ie. Lowes & Home Depot models where overstock is stored above the primary pick area)
    • Multi-Zone/Bin pick for each’s, cases, pallets, etc. based off of Order Entry quantities and product location within the warehouse.
  • Inter-leaven Pick Process – “paper-less picking” allows orders to go directly to the scan gun by picker and zone without printing a ticket. The process also alerts the picker to a priority order and allows them to “park” the in-process order so they can pick the priority order and then return to the “parked” order to finish it.
  • Receiving Process accommodates two (2) options:
    • Allows direct receipt to stock at the primary pick location
    • Creates a “Put-away” document to aid the warehouse staff to move the just received products to the primary or alternate bin locations as needed for replenishment.
  • Physical Inventory Process provides:
    • Normal physical inventory process with “blind” count option
    • Spot counting of items for quick on-demand counts
    • Cycle counting of product by multiple selection options
  • Customer Returns Process accommodates two (2) options:
    • Allows direct receipt to stock at the primary pick location
    • Creates a “Put-away” document to aid the warehouse staff to move the customer returned products to the primary or alternate bin locations as needed for replenishment.
  • Individual Picker & Receiving Productivity metrics for Orders, Line Items, and Pieces are automatically provided in the DX Command-Center Dashboard for Employee Productivity

DX+ Warehouse Ops Center

The DMS Warehouse Ops Center DashThe DX+ Warehouse Ops Center is a Business Intelligence Dashboard that supports both RF Scanning modules and provides real-time order tracking, order picking, and order dispatching functions within the warehouse (s) and offers these features:

  • Real-time analysis of Orders, Picking, Invoicing, & Dispatching
  • Status alerts by order type (Will Call, UPS, etc.) for tracking order flow through warehouse
  • Allows management to see “bottlenecks” before they create shipping problems
  • Provides measurement of individual picker performance & average pick times
  • Automated link to DX+ Qwik-Track Delivery & Signature Capture mobile application
  • Provides Receiving Status & Calendar for inbound Vendor Purchase Orders to aid the warehouse manager in staffing for larger receiving days. This calendar is based upon average vendor lead-times and can be updated by Vendor ASNs from the DX+ Qwik-Link EDI module.


DMS’ DX+ Qwik-Ship module is an automated integration with UPS, Fed-X, USPS, and LTL carriers for a seamless delivery of orders to customers that provides benefits listed below:

  • Enhances speed of processing orders for shipment
  • Provides immediate shipment charges & tracking info for customer orders.
  • Provides immediate response to customer shipment status inquiries.
  • Provides Web link from Qwik-Order B2B for order shipping status.
  • Increases warehouse & shipping productivity
  • Eliminates duplicate customer address files and manual entry of shipping charges.
  • Release and ship orders faster & more accurate.
  • Provides real-time automated freight charges to customer invoices.
  • Simple to install and use.
  • Significantly reduces overall shipping labor & handling costs
  • Eliminates costly shipping errors.
  • Eliminates hand-entry of carrier charges to invoicing documents.