Advanced Document Management Solutions

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Look like your business’ Document Management System?

If you’ve ever had document retrieval issues, it might be time to rethink how you’re handling document storage. Electronic Document Management (EDM) will promptly clear your desk and the mountain of boxes you have as a document storage system. EDM allows you to electronically archive, search and instantly recall any of the critical business documents you normally store in a paper format.

The DMS Document Center is a document repository designed with your business in mind. It can digitally store Customer and Supplier documents with instant recall so you can quickly reference, email or reprint originals without having to dig through a mountain of boxes or filing cabinets.

DMS’ Document Center doesn’t stop at managing Invoices, Statements, and Purchase Orders. You, along with your employees and customers can easily access documents through its’ cloud-based service that is integrated with our Qwik-Order B2B – B2C eCommerce solutions and our Qwik-Track Delivery Tracking & Signature Capture mobile application for Customer signatures and time of delivery.

DMS Document Center features include:

  • PDFs are automatically created from laser-generated Customer Invoices, Statements and Supplier Purchase Orders
  • Documents are digitally archived and searchable for any Customer or Supplier
  • Email or reprint any document instantly to your Customers or Suppliers Self-Service access for authorized e-commerce users allowing Customers to retrieve copies of their Invoices or Statements from any of our Qwik-Order eCommerce applications

Stop the paper chase
at your business today.

Built by Industry and Technology Pros, DMS’ Document Center will save you lots of time and tons of paper!