Is your procrastination costing you time and money?

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Is it time to replace your outdated POS & Order Processing Systems?

Ask yourself these three questions and find out.

  1. Are order processing and payments separate operations?
  2. Am I limited by electronic catalog options for my staff and on-line customers?
  3. Am I still using old character-based green-screen software?

If you answered yes to any of these, it’s probably time for you bite the bullet.
Your current system could be causing you lost sales and decreased employee productivity. You really need a fully-integrated solution so that you can easily sell in-store and online, track inventory, communicate with customers, and automate orders and invoicing.

While some other “Solutions” only handle part of your requirements or are difficult to implement and run; DMS has customizable solutions that extend from Point-of-Sale, to Warehouse Sales, to Inventory Control, to Customer Relationship Management and beyond.

DMS’ end-to-end, turn-key solutions forge a seamless connection between your POS, Warehouse, Inventory Management, Financials and HR. This is especially powerful for anyone managing multiple locations with the requirement for balancing inventories across locations and integrated Financials.

DMS DX+ Systems include:

  • Real-time inventory tracking across locations
  • Detailed Customer Information and recall with built-in CRM
  • System-integrated Financials and HR Processes
  • Real-Time Business Intelligence Dashboards to Analyze Sales, Inventory Data & P.O. Forecasting
  • Multiple ways to process orders for POS, Phone Sales, EDI, and e-Commerce transactions
  • Multiple Industry catalogs including The GROUP (Federated & Pronto), WHI, SMTP, ACDelco, and DMS’ Custom 10-level drill-down catalog supporting both internal & e-Commerce applications
  • Vantiv Integrated Payment Systems® for PCI-compliant Credit and Debit-Device Card transactions

Don’t wait another day to make DMS your Technology Partner!

Increase Sales.
Increase Productivity.
Increase ROI.

The future is now, and the DMS DX+ Solution is built by Industry and Technology Pros for maximum flexibility to achieve a “Custom-Fit” for your budget and your business.