Advanced Warehouse Management Systems

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Stop Inventory Creep and
Lost Sales at your business!

Complex Supply Chains and dynamic market demand must be met with robust System solutions. The right Warehouse Management System can help you sell more, faster and more accurately to make your customers happy.   Your existing workforce will be able to pick orders and receive more in-bound product in less time and with fewer errors. The precision of the right WMS reduces mis-shipments, customer inquiries, lost sales and inventory creep while increasing your business’ Return-on-Investment.  As your business needs grow, your WMS solution should evolve to fit your expanding requirements and your customer expectations.

Solution:  the DMS Warehouse and Inventory Management System. DMS’ dynamic, demand-based forecasting software yields higher inventory turns and reduces lost sales and inventory investment with its state-of-the-art analytics and optional VIO (Vehicles in Operation) data. By automating a variety of critical processes including Inventory Balancing Across Locations, our DMS software can significantly reduce human error, maximize employee efficiency and productivity, and have an overall positive impact on your business.

The DMS Warehousing Management Solution includes:

  • Dynamic, demand-based forecasting
  • State-of-the-Art Inventory analytics & graphs
  • Optional Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data by state & county
  • Two (2) Industry-Leading WMS Qwik-Scan RF barcode scanning modules
  • Warehouse Ops Center Real-time Business Intelligence Dashboard for Orders & Receipts
  • Modular shipping integration wit­h UPS, FedEx, USPS, and LTL carriers

An alternative to the
Min/Max model of
Inventory Management!

Built by Industry and Technology Pros, the DMS DX+ System is designed for maximum flexibility to achieve a “Custom-Fit” solution to satisfy your business requirements.