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DMS E-Commerce Solutions

Disrupt your competition with eCommerce

Traditional Aftermarket Parts Industries are facing numerous business challenges today as well as new opportunities to increase sales through non-traditional methods. Aftermarket Parts Distributors are scrambling to differentiate themselves from major chain competitors and the disruptive effects of major web retailers like Amazon and Rock Auto. It is critical now for Parts Distributors to find reliable & innovative e-Commerce solutions to meet their new competitive challengers.

The DMS B2B & B2C e-Commerce Solutions are solving these problems today in creative ways by providing unique product features that provide a competitive advantage to its WD customers.

DMS can provide you multiple e-Commerce applications to fit the variable sales processes of your organization. Whether it’s a combination of B2B selling to installers and fleets, B2C selling directly to consumers, or selling on eBay, DMS has a solution for your business!  DMS can offer your business transparency, accuracy and fully-integrated e-Commerce solutions for todays on-demand business and help make your business a major disruptive factor in your marketplace.

The Benefits of a DMS “Turn-key” eCommerce Solution include:

  • Increase Customer Purchasing Loyalty
  • Increase Sales with 24×7 Accessibility
  • Increase Customer Service Levels
  • Increase Sales Transactions While Minimizing Personnel and Overhead Costs
  • Increase Your Competitive Advantage
  • Decrease Your Current Cost of Sales
  • Decrease Load on WD Order Entry Staff
  • Decrease Phone, Fax & Personnel Costs

Future-proof your business
and start your own
Competitive Disruption!

Built by Industry and Technology Pros, a DMS eCommerce Solution is designed for maximum flexibility to achieve a “Custom-Fit” solution to fit your needs.