DMS ACH Payments – Terms of Service

By choosing to pay DMS by ACH, you agree to execute this transaction electronically and authorize DMS to electronically debit the bank account that you have specified in the in the DMS ACH Payment Form. You agree and acknowledge that (1) you will be responsible for the payment if the electronic debit fails due to insufficient funds in your bank account or for any other reason; (2) DMS can stop processing debits at any time upon adequate notice and you will make your payments directly; and (3) you have received a copy of this authorization. You understand that Lender may cancel this ACH authorization if two or more debit entries are returned unpaid or uncollected or if any single debit is returned for an administrative reason such as a closed account or an invalid or unlocated account number. You are responsible for sufficient funds and may be subject to additional fees or charges if the payment is returned. Please call us at 252.985.2500 ext.208 at least 1 business day prior to any scheduled payment to make changes or revoke this authorization. DMS reserves the right to terminate or change the terms of this program at any time.