The Industries We Serve

Auto Parts POS, Distribution and Warehousing

One-size does not fit all. Instead of shoehorning, wouldn’t you rather be increasing productivity and profits?

There are challenges in every business, but whether you’re an auto parts store, distributor or manufacturer, your supply chain has a unique set of constants. Our DX+ System (On-Premise or Cloud-Based) will allow you to rest easy knowing that a lot of the complexities of managing your day-to-day processes have been handled.

From counter sales (POS) to online cataloging, ordering to fulfillment, the module-based approach to our software allows a highly customized, and efficient system that gives Automotive Retail and eCommerce Parts Stores all the right tools to compete and win.

For the warehouse distributor and wholesaler, you will find we can quickly deploy an optimized Warehouse Management Solution that can efficiently handle customer data, inventory, order picking and processing, shipping, and availability transparency. DMS can also develop and manage EDI & customized e-Commerce websites for its Warehouse Distributor / Manufacturer customers.

Built expressly for your industry, our DX+ System will always simply fit.