Real-Time Business Intelligence for WD’s and Manufacturers

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Is Real-Time Business Intelligence the Missing Link to improve your Business’ bottom line?

The recent competitive growth in our Industry has been incredible! As competitive pressures mount, Distributors & Manufacturers are competing head-on against deep-pocketed companies that are dominating the market. Without the right BI tools for your Company, it can be a competitive disaster.

To stay agile and competitive in the Distribution & Manufacturing Industries, you must have a 360° view of your business. You also need to balance customer demands against controlling costs where tight margins and expanding inventories are part of everyday life.

DMS offers Real-Time Business Intelligence Dashboards designed to give you and your management team the “up-to-the-minute” information that you need to compete against larger chains and disruptive competitors in your marketplace.

DMS Business Intelligence Suite Features:

  • Executive ManagementCommand-Center™ – Consolidated Operations & Financials across all locations for key management staff
  • Financial ManagementCommand-Center™ for Cash, Account Receivable, Accounts Payable & General Ledger with comparative data
  • Sales ManagementCommand-Center™ for locations & inside / outside sales reps
  • Mobile SalesSales-Link™ (iPad & tablets for outside sales reps) with real-time CRM & Reporting
  • Customer ManagementDX-CRM™ for Customer sales MTD, YTD and comparative data & notes
  • Warehouse ManagementDX Op-Center™ – for real-time Shipping & Receiving Status across locs.
  • Employee ManagementCommand-Center™ – Productivity analytics for Warehouse, Sales & Delivery Staffs
  • Inventory ManagementBuyers-Center™ with real-time Buyers Guide, Inventory Analytics & VIO (Vehicles in Operation) by State & County
  • EDI ManagementQwik-Link™ showing real-time Supplier EDI for PO’s, ASN & Invoices
  • Store ManagementStore-Center™ with Sales, Employee Productivity, Customers / CRM, Inventory Performance plus Delivery Tracking for each Store Manager

Review – Adjust – Measure!
Advance your Business with a DMS BI solution!

Built by Industry and Technology Pros, the DMS Business Intelligence Suite is designed for maximum flexibility to achieve a “Custom-Fit” solution to fit your needs.