DX+ System for Parts Distribution, Inventory and Financial Management


The DMS DX+ System is a fully integrated POS (Point-of-Sale), Customer, Inventory, Parts Distribution, & Financial Management System, with an On-premise or Cloud-based option and designed for single and multi-site Aftermarket Parts Retail and Wholesale Distributors, with an emphasis on:

  • Auto Parts
  • Heavy Truck Parts
  • Marine Parts
  • RV Parts

DX+ Base System Applications including Parts Store POS, Distribution and Inventory Management:

  • POS / Order Entry & Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable & Statements
  • Customer Backorder with Online Review & Editing
  • Purchase Forecasting & Receiving
  • Invoice Reconciliation – PO / Receiving / Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Management & Physical Counts
  • Laser Graphical Forms – Tickets / Invoices / Statements / PO's
  • Kitting / BOM Assembly Functions
  • Sales Analysis Reports & Queries
  • General Ledger w/ budgeting & tailored Income & Balance Sheets
  • Accounts Payable to support 3-way matching
  • DX+ CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Command Center – Management Dashboard for Operations & Financials
  • Document Center – Management of Customer & Supplier Docs
  • Online Documentation & User Guides
  • Internet Help Desk Support & Request Tracking

The DMS DX+ System is designed for maximum flexibility to achieve a “Custom-Fit” System solution for each customer. By combining the DX+ Base System with various Optional System modules, you can create an optimized Parts Distribution System solution for your business.

Optional DX+ System Applications for a Customized Configuration:


  • Branch Location Sales Management – Replenishment management & reporting of inventory for multiple locations
  • Hub & Spoke Manager – Automated Replenishment & Stock Balancing across locations with daily Core & Warranty Returns
  • DX+ Product Catalog – DMS’ User-defined ten (10) level Drill-Down Database for customized product look-ups
  • Qwik-Cat – ACES Electronic Parts Catalog featuring one or more WHI / SMTP / The Group ACES (Federated & Pronto) / GM – ACDelco databases
  • Engine Kit Catalog – Custom ten (10) level drill-down database with “kitting” for Engine Parts Specialists
  • Qwik-Pay – Integrated / encrypted online PCI-compliant Credit / Debit Card Services interface for POS, B2B & B2C


  • DX+ Warehouse Operations Center – Dashboard for real-time order tracking & picking management by WD / Store location
  • Qwik-Scan (Single Zone Pick / Put-away) – RF Wireless Warehouse Barcoding – Pick – Receive – Count – Returns
  • Qwik-Scan Plus (Multi-Zone Pick / Put-away) – Advanced Scanning handling multiple stocking & picking locations in whse.
  • Qwik-Scan Cross-Dock Scanning – Handles receipts & shipping of consolidated orders across multiple store locations
  • FedEx Automated Shipping Interface – To FedEx for invoice freight, miscellaneous costs & tracking numbers
  • UPS Automated Shipping Interface - To World-Ship for invoice freight, miscellaneous costs & tracking numbers
  • USPS / Endicia Automated Shipping Interface – For invoicing costs, miscellaneous costs & tracking numbers
  • LTL Automated Freight Pricing – Freight sales & costing by invoice with ZarLite database interface
  • Qwik-Track Delivery Center – Smartphone-based Delivery Tracking for real-time signature capture & delivery time


  • Qwik-Order – B2B Customer Internet Ordering & Account Management e-Commerce application with credit card option
  • Qwik-Order Direct– B2C e-Commerce System with Shopping Carts, Credit Cards & Product Catalogs
  • DX+ eMarkets Automated Interface – For Selling on eBay, Amazon & other retail marketplaces
  • ACDelco WISE / WIP Interface – For specialized e-Commerce transactions & sales reporting for DDG members
  • Motorcraft EDI Interface – For specialized e-Commerce transactions & sales reporting for Motorcraft WD’s
  • Mitchell 1 Shop Management System – Interface for Installer-to-WD system-to-system ordering
  • RO Writer Shop Management System – Interface for Installer-to-WD system-to-system ordering


  • Command Center Mobile – Executive Smartphone mobile application for “real-time” Sales, Invoicing & Cash information
  • DX+ Buyer’s Center – Provides all Purchasing, Inventory Management, EDI reporting, Inventory Analytics & VIO
  • DX+ Store Center – Business Intelligence Dashboard designed specifically for Store Managers & Store Supervisors
  • DX+ Sales Link – Mobile iPad / tablet sales tool for outside sales people with real-time access to Customer information


  • Qwik-Link Vendor EDI - Dashboard for real-time PO, ASN & Invoices with G-Commerce & Corcentric interfaces
  • Transnet Purchase Orders EDI – FTP of PO’s for Automotive & Heavy-Duty Distributors
  • ‘ADN Group’ EDI Interface – Data Warehouse, pricing & sales reporting for Parts Plus, Auto Pride & IAPA WD’s
  • ‘Alliance Group’ EDI Interface – Data Warehouse, pricing & sales reporting for Alliance Warehouse Distributors
  • ‘Federated Group’ EDI Interface – Data Warehouse, pricing & sales reporting for Federated Warehouse Distributors
  • ‘Pronto Group’ EDI Interface – Data Warehouse, pricing & sales reporting for Pronto Group Warehouse Distributors
  • FTP Virtual Warehouse – Phantom location EDI connections to buy-out Suppliers & Manufacturers


  • Contract & Promotional Pricing – Date-specific pricing module by Customer & Products plus promo-pricing events
  • Custom Battery / Product Consignment – Detailed accounting of customer consigned products
  • Custom Fee Warehouse Ticket Program – Provides automated Vendor consignment sales processing & reporting
  • Catalog / Flyer “Deal” Pricing – With “mix-match” logic for customized pricing schemes across multiple products
  • Serial Number Tracking – Sales & Returns reporting by customer for controlling high value inventory items
  • Service Work Orders – Features Parts & Labor tracking by vehicle for WD’s with Service Operations
  • Battery Pro-Rate Adjustment Module – For pro-rating battery warranty values for customer returns & claims
  • Payroll – With W-2 / 1099 reporting & check reconciliation
  • Qwik-Clock – Time & Attendance application for tracking employee work time – (Payroll module required)


  • Advanced IBM Power 8+ Server technology with 64-bit RISC Computing Power
  • Optimized Multi-Location Sales & Inventory management for “Hub & Spoke” distribution environments
  • Real-time integration of DX+ System Operations & Financial applications
  • Provides multi-session PC terminal Graphical screen sets
  • Easy export – import of System data for MS Excel & Word exchange with DX+ System database
  • Connectivity for email, fax and XML EDI Internet Applications
  • Provides ultimate flexibility to add or upgrade future hardware and software options
  • Easy-to-use IBM Query and Report Writer tool for “ad-hoc” management inquiries & reports
  • Interfaced computer emailing and faxing of Invoices, Statements, POs, etc.
  • Cost-effective Help Desk Support and enhancement services that offer customizing options
  • Offers Command Center Real-time Management “Dashboard” for Operational & Financial data analysis
  • Eliminates traditional time-consuming day / month / year closing routines as found in older systems
  • Designed specifically to accommodate both Warehousing and Retail POS operations
  • Qwik-Order provides “anytime” 24x7 Internet Order Entry / Inquiries / email for Customers
  • Provides extensive Sales, Margins, Inventory Turns, ROI and “fill-rate” analysis
  • Online image of customer invoices and statements with faxing and email capability
  • Flexible customer pricing schemes supported by ten (10) pricing levels
  • Qwik-Scan Wireless Warehouse Barcoding – Order Picking, Receiving & Physical Inventory capabilities
  • Supports Haz-Mat and VOC printing and reporting requirements for PBE Distributors
  • Qwik-Cat parts cataloging to WHI / Show Me The Parts / ACDelco / The Group ACES (Federated & Pronto) databases with images
  • Unlimited item cross-references to support multiple path inquiries (i.e., ACDelco long/short numbers)
  • Future pricing and costing update routines with automatic System updating
  • Supports Internet-based Qwik-Link Supplier EDI services – Corcentric and G-Commerce
  • Warranty, damaged and core tracking / banking by Customer & Supplier
  • Supersessions with automatic history transfer and substitute numbers
  • Purchase Order ETA by line item methodology improves fill-rates and inventory turns
  • Unlimited suppliers by item supports multi-vendor sourcing
  • Dynamic Forecasting based on Lead-time, Safety Stock, Historical Sales, Weighting & Trend Analysis
  • Quantity-break pricing options for sales and purchasing
  • Automated and “dynamic” purchase forecasting eliminates “min-max” routines & maintenance
  • Extensive “seasonal” forecasting capabilities with a 2-year+ YTD look-back history for trend analysis