Point of Sale (POS) and eCommerce Systems

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DMS provides multiple ways to process customer orders including Counter / Phone Sales, EDI from various e-Commerce sources and numerous Industry computer systems.

Warehouse Orders (Pick Tickets) - This procedure immediately relieves inventory balances and updates available credit as each line item is entered. Order quantity, ship quantity, and unit price is shown for each item. The order dollar totals for ‘requested’, ‘shipped’, and “backordered’ are displayed.

Counter Orders (Point-of-Sale) - This procedure is designed for “Point-of-Sale” use where immediate invoices are required. Pricing and taxes are produced immediately in a finished invoice while updating the inventory and Accounts Receivable files. Cash drawers, cash tape printers, and bar code readers are available with this POS feature.

Service Work Orders (Work-in-Progress)
- This procedure allows users with repair/rebuild facilities to maintain and update an open work order file by vehicle and technician for work or service in progress until the job functions are completed and ready for final billing. Inventory is allocated as work is done along with providing up-to-date parts and labor totals.

Qwik-Order Web / EDI Orders -This module converts e-commerce orders from customers using the DMS Qwik-Order Module into pick tickets at the designated host or remote warehouse or store location. Qwik-Order also supports the processing of EDI / FTP orders from customer Shop Management Systems including Mitchell 1 and RO Writer and provides optional interfaces to Federated Fed-Link, ACDelco WIP, Wrenchead Central, Nexpart, and Motorcraft e-Counter.

Remote Branch Store “Buy-out” Orders - This feature converts remote branch store purchase orders into pick tickets at the warehouse or other branch locations and manages these inter-company transactions on a real-time basis including back-end GL accounting of inventory transfers between locations and companies.

Hub & Spoke Management - This module is designed for companies with multiple branch locations that are serviced frequently, primarily by their own delivery trucks. This feature totally automates the replenishment and stock-balancing across locations while automating returns of overstock, warranty, and core items back to the Hub location.

Automotive Aftermarket Cataloging

Supporting our robust Ordering capabilities are multiple Automotive Industry catalogs and DMS’ custom 10 level drill-down catalog database for creating your own unique catalog for both internal sales and e-Commerce applications.

  • DX+ Product Catalog provides a WD or Manufacturer the ability to create their own unique user-defined 10 level drill-down database for customized product look-ups for both their internal sales network and their e-commerce users. This catalog database tool supports extensive kit cataloging used by many of DMS’ Engine Parts customers.
  • Qwik-Cat is an Industry-leading Graphical User Interface that works with all major Internet browsers. It is easy-to-use and offers extensive ACES-compliant Auto Parts and Light/Med. Truck Parts coverage.  It allows a WD customer a choice of using multiple catalog databases that vary in price and line coverages according to the WD’s business model and their customer base(s).

Catalogs supported are:

  • WHI Part Expert (ACES)
  • Show Me The Parts (SMTP)
  • Federated


  • Opticat


federated-auto-parts show-me-the-parts who-logo PARTSLINK

Payment Processing

Completing the DX+ System’s Ordering & Cataloging modules is our Qwik-Pay real-time PCI-compliant credit / debit card solution allowing staff and customers to pay by card for retail, commercial & e-Commerce transactions.

Qwik-Pay™ is an integrated Credit Card service via an Internet interface for POS, Call Center and eCommerce applications and features these great benefits:

  • Supports EMV (Chip in card) for card-present transactions at your POS counter *
  • PCI-compliant encryption for all Credit & Debit Card transactions
  • Signature capture for POS invoices and Document Center storage
  • Supports all major Credit Cards
  • Supports Debit Cards with Pin Pad features
  • Competitive processing fees equal to or better than your existing processor rates
  • Eliminates dedicated phone line costs with seamless Internet connection from DMS Server
  • Secure storage of Credit Cards with encrypted token technology (xxxxxxxx1234)
  • Allows unlimited storage of encrypted Credit Cards per customer

Qwik-Pay software offers (4) integration points for this cost-saving application that includes:

  • Local POS activities *Requires Dejavoo card & signature capture device (card present)
  • Access from Call Center telesales (card not present)
  • Access from Cash Application activities for payment on account (card not present)
  • Option from Qwik-Order B2B e-Commerce for payment of invoice (card not present)

DMS Systems is Partnered with Worldpay Payment Systems®
for PCI-compliant Credit and Debit Card transactions.


Worldpay Technical Support
Worldpay™ - our 24/7 customer and technical support service-is free and live. Our experts are always available to take calls and answer emails, regardless of the day and hour. We match our schedule to businesses that are open late at night, on weekends, or holidays to support seamless operations. Merchants can expect an average wait time of 20 seconds before their clients have a live representative on the phone.

Our customized portal, Worldpay, takes transaction reporting a step further. With Worldpay, we offer real-time transaction data plus a host of enhanced reporting features to help manage finances and streamline the bookkeeping process. Worldpay’s versatile platform provides real-time transaction information. Transaction history, cross-store reporting, daily batch and deposit details, and monthly statements. We offer a wide array of reporting options accessible from a special tab located on your custom DMS’ Qwik-Pay Dashboard Portal.

If a processing outage occurs, we turn on our unique “stand-in” authorization service. Worldpay developed this essential service so our merchants keep processing if there’s an outage with the authorization network. We “stand-in” so business continues as usual. While standing-in, we approve all transactions up to the floor limit, and guarantee no financial loss to our merchants.

Worldpay’s™ Complete Advantage
To get the lowest rates from most companies you need to sacrifice service. With Worldpay’s unique business model, we are able to match competitor's rates while still keeping our industry leading customer service and support in place. We also do not lock Merchants into long-term contracts. Worldpay earns your business every month because of our month-to-month contracts. It’s free for merchants to sign up for our processing services. Merchant will not have to fill out a pile of paper work either. Most applications with Worldpay can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Partnership with DMS Systems Corp.
When a DMS customer has an issue processing credit cards, they want a solution - not finger pointing!   Because we have a direct integration with DMS Systems, Worldpay’s support teams know how we work with DMS’ software to resolve their issues without blaming each other.  As security standards continue to get stricter and more ridged, Worldpay and DMS will be proactive to ensure that their integration always meets the latest PCI standard to protect the DMS customer’s business.