e-Commerce Solutions for B2B and B2C

DMS Systems provides its customers multiple e-Commerce applications to fit the sales model of each customer organization. Whether it’s a combination of B2B and B2C selling directly to consumers, selling on eBay or deploying multiple B2B websites for specialized customer requirements (PB&E, Fleets, Installers, Quick Lubes etc.), DMS can offer transparency and fully-automated e-Commerce solutions.

B2B: Qwik-Order

DMS custom-designs each customer’s B2B website to be seamlessly integrated with our DX+ System to provide modern e-Commerce services to your business accounts. This leading-edge e-Commerce service is provided as a low-cost, turn-key monthly subscription service that greatly increases your customer service and sales while dramatically reducing your sales costs.


B2C: Qwik-Order Plus

DX+ Qwik-Order Plus is a NEW B2B and B2C e-Commerce solution customized for DMS customers as a hosted, fully "back-end" integrated platform that provides your customers with a 24 x 7 real-time ordering, cataloging and customer service solution. DX+ Qwik-Order Plus can help grow your business, and will account for a significant portion of a DMS customer’s sales volume when deployed.



DX+ eMarkets is a B2C integrated e-Commerce platform that supports selling on eBay marketplaces. This modern and automated e-Commerce module allows your B2C marketing and sales to be positioned as a unique business on e-Bay and also within the DMS Business Intelligence Dashboard for Executive-level sales & profit analysis.


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