The DX+ Point Of Sale ( POS ) System

Our Point of Sale (POS) Systems offer multiple ways to process customer orders including Counter / Phone Sales, EDI, and e-Commerce transactions. Multiple Industry catalogs and a custom 10-level drill-down catalog that will support both internal and e-Commerce applications.

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DX+ Custom Products Catalog

DX+ Custom Products Catalog

Point of Sale & eCommerce Order Processing:

  • Warehouse Orders (Pick Tickets)
  • Counter Orders (Point-of-Sale)
  • Service Work Orders (Work-in-Progress)
  • Qwik-Order Web / EDI Orders
  • Remote Branch Store “Buy-out” Orders
  • Hub & Spoke Management



Cataloging for eCommerce
& Point of Sale Systems:

  • WHI Part Expert (ACES)
  • Federated (ACES)
  • PartsLink (Collision Parts)
  • DX+ Custom Products Catalog
  • Show Me The Parts (SMTP)
  • WHI NextPart
  • Motorcraft e-Counter
  • ACDelco Illustrated

Integrated Payments for eCommerce and Point of Sale Systems:

We have partnered with Worldpay Integrated Payment Systems ® for PCI-compliant Credit and DebitDMS-Systems-DX-Qwik-Pay-Dejavoo-Device Card transactions.  Our DX+ Qwik-Pay real-time PCI-compliant credit/debit card solution allows staff and customers to pay by card for retail, commercial & e-Commerce transactions. DX+ System software offers (4) integration points for this cost-saving application that includes:

  • Local Point Of Sale (POS) activities (card present with Dejavoo device show on the right)
  • Access from Call Center telesales
  • Access from Cash Application activities for payment on account
  • Option from Qwik-Order B2B eCommerce for payment of invoice

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